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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Glowsun - Live @ Alperstedter See, Erfuert, Germany, 19-07-2011

NOTE: Glowsun is a music band created in 1997 in Lille and its surroundings, north of France. At the beginning, the line-up is Johan Jaccob - guitar, Ronan Chiron - bass, Fabrice Cornille - drums. In December 99, a first demo called "Inside the sun" is issued and is limited to an edition of 50. The band starts to play in festivals and gives little concerts in the north of France and in Belgium.

Source: Audience
Sound Quality: 5/10

1.     Virus
2.     The heads
3.     The end
4.     No way
5.     Green sun, sick world
6.     Barbarella
7.     Inside my head
8.     Lost souls
9.     Lie
10.  Death face

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