Friday, October 18, 2019

Aerosmith - Live @ Great Woods, Mansfield, USA, 27-08-1993

Source: FM Broadcast (except track 6)
Sound Quality: 10/10

1.     Eat the Rich
2.     Toys in the Attic
3.     Love in an Elevator
4.     Back in the Saddle
5.     Fever
6.     Draw the Line / Honky Tonk Women (The Rolling Stones cover) (Snippet) *
7.     What It Takes
8.     Rag Doll
9.     Kings and Queens / Blues Jam (Tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughan)
10.  Last Child
11.  Cryin'
12.  Boogie Man
13.  Shut Up and Dance
14.  Stop Messin' Around (Fleetwood Mac cover)
15.  Walk On Down
16.  The Other Side
17.  Janie's Got a Gun
18.  Dude (Looks Like a Lady)
19.  Dream On
20.  (Drum Solo)
21.  Walk This Way
22.  Livin' on the Edge
23.  Sweet Emotion
24.  The Train Kept A-Rollin' (Tiny Bradshaw cover)

* Audience recording

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320kbps mp3

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