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Friday, April 7, 2017

Metallica - Live @ Lollapalooza Festival, Chile, 01-04-2017

Exclusive concert from Heavy Soundboard Bootlegs Blog!

Source: Soundboard / Webcast
Sound Quality: 10/10

CD 1
1.     Intro - The Ecstasy of Gold (Ennio Morricone song)
2.     Hardwired
3.     Atlas, Rise!
4.     For Whom the Bell Tolls
5.     Fuel
6.     One
7.     Now That We're Dead
8.     Moth Into Flame
9.     Harvester of Sorrow
10.  Halo on Fire
11.  (Rob's solo - incl. " To Live is to Die" and "Anesthesia (Pulling Teeth)")
12.  Motorbreath

CD 2
13.  Sad But True
14.  Wherever I May Roam
15.  Master of Puppets
16.  (Kirk's solo incl. "The Shortest Straw" and "2 X 4")
17.  Fade to Black (preceeded by "The Call of Ktulu" intro on acoustic guitar)
18.  Seek & Destroy
19.  Fight Fire With Fire
20.  Nothing Else Matters
21.  Enter Sandman (followed by 'The Frayed Ends of Sanity' main riff)

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CD 1
CD 2
320kbps mp3

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