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Monday, May 1, 2017

INFO - Downloads


Dear Internet Music Lovers:
After 7 years, Uploaded storaged site suspended my account.

Currently in the 3 blogs are about 4.000 bootlegs, and all are now down.
It´s impossible i re-up all now.

I choose from now use another site: Filefactory.
From now on files are available 90 days.

In next days i try re-up all 2017 posts.
Aflter that i accept your requests for other old links (including those who have already sent me in the last month) and put new bootlegs.

Many thanks to all people who made donations :) They make me keep this blog alive :)

Live Bootlegs


  1. That totally sucks. Thanks for all of the effort that goes into sharing this much music. May I ask that you put Metallica - Lollapalooza, Chile 2017 near the front ? I had actually started downloading it the day they cut you off, so I was only able to grab CD1 and now I'm anxious to grab CD2 when you re-post it.


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