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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Green Day - Live @ WFMU Studios, New Jersey, USA, 28-05-1992

NOTE: One of the best Green Day bootlegs.

Source: FM Broadcast
Sound Quality: 10/10

1.     Don't Leave Me
2.     409 In Your Coffee Maker
3.     Welcome to Paradise
4.     2,000 Light Years Away
5.     At The Library
6.     80
7.     The Judges Daughter
8.     (banter)
9.     Christie Road
10.  Only of You
11.  Who Wrote Holden Caulfield?
12.  Going to Pasalacqua
13.  16
14.  Paper Lanterns
15.  (banter)
16.  C#(tion) (Fifteen cover)
17.  One Of My Lies (Incomplete, Mike Dirnt broke A string)
18.  Food Around The Corner
19.  All By Myself
20.  Knowledge (Operation Ivy cover)
21.  Words I've Might Have Ate (Guitar Only)

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320kbps mp3

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