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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Napalm Death - Live @ Hellfest Festival, France, 16-06-2012

Exclusive concert from Heavy Soundboard Bootlegs Blog!

Source: Soundboard
Sound Quality: 10/10

1.     Circumspect
2.     Errors in the Signals
3.     Everyday Pox
4.     Protection Racket
5.     Silence Is Deafening
6.     The Wolf I Feed
7.     Practice What You Preach
8.     Quarantined
9.     Next of Kin to Chaos
10.  Analysis Paralysis
11.  Dead
12.  Deceiver
13.  When All Is Said and Done
14.  Unchallenged Hate
15.  Suffer the Children
16.  Breed to Breathe
17.  Nazi Punks Fuck Off (Dead Kennedys cover)
18.  Scum
19.  Human Garbage
20.  Instinct of Survival

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