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Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Atomic Bitchwax - Live @ Roadburn Festival, Netherlands, 24-04-2009

NOTE: The Atomic Bitchwax is a stoner rock band started in 1992 in New Jersey. It started as essentially a "super band" of key members of the notable stoner rock and doom metal bands Godspeed, Monster Magnet and Core. Their music is a combination of 60s psychedelic rock, and 70s riff rock filtered though the progressive rock influences of today. (from Wikipedia)

Source: Audience
Sound Quality: 7/10

01. Tuning
02. Stork
03. Shit kicker
04. So Come On
05. The Destroyer
06. Kiss The Sun
07. Giant
08. Maybe I'm a Leo (Deep Purple)
09. Revival
10. Super Computer
11. Hope You Die
12. Gettin' Old
13. Wreck You
14. Pigs On The Wing part 1 (Pink Floyd)
15. Pigs (Three Different Ones) (Pink Floyd)
16. Force Field
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256kbps mp3

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